Traditional Japanese Martial Arts of the Samurai and Ninja


Bujinkan Training


Budo Taijutsu is a traditional Japanese Martial Art of the Samurai and Ninja.

The essence of the Dojo is to reflect the training as of the Hombu Dojo in Japan.


S.I.S Training
Security Integral System is an International Police Self Defense Training System. The System complies with the United Nations principles on the use of force and the Human Rights Act.
Ninja Kids


Ninja Kids is a fun Martial Arts program for children, where basic skills and technique are taught through Ninja games.

Simon is a very dedicated and skilled martial artist, with an excellent connection to Japan. He trains with sincerity and purpose, and it shows in his very efficient and effective taijutsu. Simon is an excellent ambassador for the Bujinkan and is a top-notch human being that I am proud to call my friend!"

Pete Reynolds - Jugodan

Bujinkan Fudoushin Dojo, Japan


“Simon Gaunt is a sincere and earnest practitioner of Classical Japanese Martial Arts. An Internationally respected teacher, Simon maintains integrity of the highest by maintaining a strong affiliation with Japan, the Grandmaster and his master instructors. Simon is a true exponent of Budo in heart, technique and soul. He is a teacher of high morals and values with an honest desire to attain the truth of the traditional martial arts. A true Budoka!"

Duncan Stewart - Jugodan Bujinkan Toku Bu Ryu Sui Dojo, Tasmania

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