The Bujinkan is an international Martial Arts organization founded by Masaaki Hatsumi. It consists of nine koryu-ha (old Martial Art schools).
Togakure Ryu - Ninpo Taijutsu
Kumogakure Ryu - Ninpo Taijutsu
Gyokushin Ryu - Ninpo Taijutsu
Gyokko Ryu - Kosshijutsu
Koto Ryu - Koppojutsu
Gikan Ryu - Koppojutsu
Kukishinden Ryu - Happo Bikenjutsu
Shinden Fudo Ryu - Dakentaijutsu
Takagi Yoshin Ryu - Jutaijutsu
The schools date back to Pre Meiji Restoration period in Japan (1868-1912)

Toshitsugu Takamatsu

Masaaki Hatsumi

The practice within the Hiryu Dojo reflects training as it is in Japan. It has a friendly and informal approach - and follows the Bujinkan guidelines and training curriculum.


The Bujinkan is a non-sport environment. The training includes unarmed and armed combat techniques including short, medium and long range weapons, as well as projectile and hidden weapons. 


Training also covers the strategy, history and philosophy of each schools' characteristics to allow students to discover the full understanding of the art.


​The Dojo has strong links to Japan through regular trips which enables the learning to remain current and connected to the source.

The Hombu Dojo, Japan

The Hiryu Dojo, Hamilton

Adult classes are held every Tuesday from 7 pm until 8.30 pm. Information on upcoming national and international seminars are available on request.


The Dojo is located at Saint Aidan's Church Hall, on the corner of Thames Street and Heaphy Terrace in Hamilton.

Hiryu Dojo News

Training Tuesday evenings

7:00pm - 8:30pm 

Please stay safe during these 

unprecedented times and follow the Covid-19 guidelines

Ninpo Ikkan