The S.I.S system has been used with great success in the following countries:







El Salvador

New Zealand



The system is recognized by CIAM - the International Martial Arts Federation. It is also the core training for the P.B.A - the Professional Bodyguard Association in the U.K.



The system is divided into three basic levels and three advanced levels, with monographic courses of study. 


It is suitable for police officers, public and private sector security, military, close protection, prison officers, customs officers, court officials and hospital security.


Custom programs are available to specifically suit your company or business following consultation on routine, regulations, responsibilities and work environment.


Each level of the system is taught in a methodical and effective manner. S.I.S is a certified system where participants must graduate through demonstration of knowledge, technical application and competency.



For years police officers have faced many problems of judicial nature, in particularly those regarding violation of human rights. 


S.I.S was born with the need to train police officers with the necessary skills to deal with situations whilst respecting human rights and maintaining personal safety. 


The S.I.S skills provide controls for violent situations. The use of public force must be legal and rational - the police officer is entrusted to fulfill the law without a struggle.


The system teaches skills for complete control of armed, unarmed, individual and group situations requiring security and/or police intervention.

L.D.Y ANSELL, Staff Sergeant, 2nd Military Police Platoon, New Zealand Army

​"Having served in both the British and NZ military for 20 years, I can honestly say that the training you provided was amongst the best I have ever received. The techniques were taught in a logical and thought out sequence - broken down in such a manner as to make them easy to understand and execute, even for an old soldier like myself. The content I found to be relevant, especially in modern policing where the welfare of the detainee is paramount; it is easy to see why this training system has such a large international following."



​"Thank you for the opportunity to integrate S.I.S International into my business. It is by far the best training system for law enforcement and protection agencies to fit into their current operating systems. The S.I.S training system allows my company to enhance the professionalism of security officers whilst enhancing their personal lives which is a win-win situation. By utilizing the S.I.S training system my company can provide the highest level of professionalism and expertise to the security industry. I can thoroughly recommend the S.I.S training system will enhance the safety of employees and the people that they interact with, not only in the security industry but throughout the community where there is risk to staff whilst they are performing their daily duties such as the health services, emergency services and community services. The S.I.S training system is the best training system to help diffuse and minimize incidents quickly and efficiently whilst establishing and maintaining the highest possible duty of care for an individual in care or custody. I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to enhance the skill level of my staff thus enhancing their safety as well as the people in the community they work in."

Peter Walker, Managing Director, CTN Protective Services, Australia